Two Interviews with Gord Hill AKA Zig Zag

Although a little old within these two interviews with Gord Hill much inspiration and understanding can be found. Kwakwakawak’w Artist Gord Hill is a social activist, carver, comics artist and illustrator. The Santa Cruz based Quiver distro has many of his wriitngs in PDF zine format.

Hills zines such as We Shall Live Again provide unmeasurable amounts of insight into past movements for Indigenous liberation. In his zine Colonization and Decolonization under the name Zig Zag he illustrates the process of colonization within the form of a workshop outline. He also did a simpler two page zine on Decolonization.

The first interview is via radio from the Vancouver media co-op. It was from August 13, and it is focused on the crucial influence of the ”Oka Crisis”, 20 years after this major episode of the Kanienkehaka [Mohawk] Resistance.

The second interview from May 24, was done on behalf of PM press. this interview was focused on his book 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance. Here it is

Some of his most recent visual Art work was focused on the 2010 olympics.

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