We bring you a new zine put together to help gather support for saving the San Francisco Peaks. To get a glimpse of the zines content you can look to the conclusion:

Within these texts a few calls for support are shared with it’s readers. We urge you to challenge yourself. Please do not let your location or hesitation stifle your ability to answer this call. Rather that be e-mailing the council or attending the meeting or using your creativity.

As the time-line shows Snowbowl has been occupying and desecrating the San Francisco Peaks far too long. To think that the compromising of the peaks sacredness would not pull the heart strings of many would be a cracked notion. To ask readers to hold in their emotions after pouring out all this information on you would be unfair. The August 30, court date rapidly approaches. Please do as your heart and mind guides you. Help hold the peaks sacred. Refuse to let Snowbowl take indigenous ways lightheartedly.

For further information on the San Francisco Peaks please visit these pages on the internet:

True Snow

Save The Peaks

For a PDF of the zine click the image below

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