But now the forts have grown and grown until now this whole society is the fort, and we are inside it, under those same guns. And now there are many in the non-Indian camps who are also tired of living in this fort under the guns of the soldier-police. They want to overthrow those who run the fort, but not all of them want to do that and then burn the fort down, as we do. Some of them still like the ways of the fort, they just want it organized in a different way. To me, they’re the revolutionaries. But we are still the people, and we still remember what it’s like to live without the forts and guns over our heads. It’s still fresh in our memories and strong in our hearts .

There are also those in the other camps who do not like the fort or its ways. In any case, there are many who want to fight those that run the fort this is where we can unite with all the other camps, and all those that want to come into our circle should be welcomed.

— We Shall Live Again by Gord Hill 1997

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